Pico G2 4KS Plus 6GB 128GB All in One 3D VR Glasses 3840 x 2160 Pixel Resolution 4K 75Hz Refresh UHD 101 FOV 3Dof Virtual Reality VR Headset

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Processor Xiaolong 835 octa-core 2.45GHz, 64-bit, Kryo 280 CPU, 10nm process technology
Adreno 540 GPU
Hexagon 682 DSP
Screen and optics 3840x2160 Pixel 5.5 inch display screen
75Hz refresh rate, Fast-Switch response technology
Lens: Fresnel lens
Field of view: 101°
Wearable glasses design, no vision adjustment, adaptive interpupillary distance
Built-in "eye protection mode", can be turned on in the system settings
Storage Memory: 6GB LPDDR4X 1866MHz
Flash memory: 128GB UFS2.1
Supports up to 256GB Micro-SD card expansion
Body sensor High-precision nine-axis sensor
distance sensor
Material and wearing Helmet: lightweight polymer body, thin-walled injection molding process, aviation-grade light metal, fabric front panel
Mask: highly breathable foam, lightweight composite support structure
Wearing: T-shaped wearing structure, adaptive top strap, rear battery design
Controller sensor 9-axis attitude sensor
Battery and wireless All-in-one VR Glasses battery  4200mAh battery, about 3 hours of continuous use of video and audio
Somatosensory handle 2 AAA batteries, about 40 hours of use time
All-in-one wireless function 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4G/5G WIFI connection
Support Miracast screen projection
Support wireless file transfer
Support wireless projection screen to play video
Handle wireless function Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connection
Pico UI Based on Android in-depth customization development, fully immersive scene-based main operation interface, massive online resources of VR video and audio games, one-click login and download of Pico pass; equipped with VR input method, compatible with 2D Android games and applications, compatible with 2D/3D local audio and video playback
Support languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Note: Some functions need to log in to the Pico pass and connect to the Internet

Package Included:

1 x Pico G2 4KS 6GB 128GB All-in-One VR Glasses

1 x Controller


True 4K 75Hz screen

The RGB sub-pixels are arranged in a true 4K screen, with a pixel density of up to 818PPI, supplemented by a 75Hz refresh rate and Fast-Switch quickly response technology, so that every inch of the picture is clear, sharp, smooth and smooth.

Focus on VR system-level optimization

G24KS Falcon has become a system-level visual optimization such as 8K gaze dot dye Pass-Through ultra-high-definition rendering technology, and supports ultra-definition panoramic films and videos with a maximum resolution of 12K; in the "lab" function of Pico UI 3.0 , You can also taste more cutting-edge features such as edge dispersion reduction.

4200mAH battery, longer battery life

the new polymer cell and battery layout optimization, so that the battery capacity of G2 4KS has increased by more than 25%, 4200mAh battery can provide more than 3 hours of continuous use time for video and audio games, and support QC2.0 18W fast charging.

Fresnel lens group, 101 degree field of view

The low-distortion Fresnel lens group, 101° field of view, can be called the golden optical system for VR viewing.

TUV certified eye protection mode to reduce blue light and reduce fatigue

The built-in "eye protection mode" of the all-in-one machine has passed the German Leyland low blue light certification. After it is turned on, it can effectively reduce the amount of blue light and relieve eye fatigue caused by long-term use.

3DoF controller, whether watching movies or games, is the best choice

Equipped with 3DoF somatosensory controller. Whether in the game or in the viewing, it will give you the intuitive interaction of the wireless mouse which is generally light and accurate with low latency.

Multiplayer 3DoF game, rich application ecology

Hundreds of 3DoF games have been put on the Pico online application store, and new games and new activities are constantly being released for you to compete online with your friends. 4KS also supports for HTC Viveport application store.