X-Kemi MD03 TWS bluetooth 5.0 Earphone HiFi 3D Stereo Sport Earhooks Touch Control USB Charging Headphone with Mic for iPhone Huawei

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1. Ear-hook headphone. True wireless bluetooth headset , bluetooth V5.0, Automatically connected
2. The MD03 are equipped with a 7.2mm sound unit, which has a low-frequency dive and a medium-to-high frequency. 
3. DSP intelligent environment noise reduction technology, you do not have to worry about the quality of the call, In-ear headphones can remove the ambient noise, the other party can clearly hear your voice.
4. Lightweight and comfortable to wear is the highlight of.
5. Triple hit any of the headset multi-function keys to wake up the voice assistant.You can focus on driving and the route has already been planned for you. Have a meal with a friend,or you can reach the destination in advance via the voice assistant WeChat friend.


Model: TWS-MD03 
Wireless connection bluetooth 5.0
Type: Single earphone/ Double earphones with USB Charger
bluetooth protocol HFP/A2DP/ HSP/AVRCP 
Communication distance 10 meters (accessible open environment) 
Dual headphones continuously listen to songs for about 10 hours 
Headphone standby time is: about 300 hours 
Single earphone battery capacity 80mAh 
Headphone charging time is about 1.5 hours 
Charging box charging time is about 2 hours 
The net weight of a single earphone is about 7.6g

Package Included:

1* X-Kemi MD03 TWS bluetooth 5.0 Earphone 
1* USB dual interface charging (Double earphone)
3 pairs of eartips 
1* Manual