Peiko Wireless bluetooth 5.0 Business Smart Translation Earphone Support 32 Languages For Travel Translate Earbuds Headphone with Charging Box

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1.You need use installed Peiko APP phone's microphone to receive target voice and phone's speaker to play target language when other side have not use peiko earphone.
2.Support 32 language mutual translation, but in China only support Chinese and English mutual translate(English/US/GB/CA/AU, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Thai, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish/ES/US, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese/PG/BR, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Hindi, Indonesian, Romanian, Greek, Slovak, Hebrew, Chinese, and Cantonese. Not just pure Chinese to other languages, other languages can also translate each other. For example: German to Russian, Russian to French, worldwide).
3. Navigational Mode: The earphone will automatically receive and translate message(When asking direction, the information will automatically translated and played out in your earphone). For outdoor use, the Manual Mode is suggested.
4. Manual Mode: Touch and hold anywhere on your phone's screen to receive and translate message, your phone microphone as close as possible to voice source. Hold the volume key of earphone to talk, release it to be translated and played out in your phone speaker.
5. Instand Translation Mode: Touch to create a conversation or scran the QR code on Peiko APP to set up remote chat.


Name: Peiko
Model: PKO-BTM223
Headphone specifications: 13*24*16mm
Headphone weight: 10g
Continuous listening time: about 4 hours
Communication distance: 10m
Charging time: 2h
Standby time: 120h
Headphone battery power: 50mAh
Charging compartment weight: 12g
Charging compartment size: 38*21*54mm
Charging time: 2h
Charging compartment battery power: 300mAh

Package Includes:
1 * Headset
1 * Charging line
1 * Manual