Bakeey K2 Smart bluetooth Glasses Anti-blue Light Lenses Polarized Lenses Fashion Smart Wear Sunglasses

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 NO.1-- Black frame + Silver-rimmed glasses + Anti-blue light lens
 NO.2-- Black frame + Silver-rimmed glasses + Polarized lenses
 NO.3-- Black frame + Gold-rimmed glasses + Anti-blue light lens
 NO.4-- Black frame + Gold-rimmed glasses + Polarized lenses
 NO.5-- Black frame + 
Black-rimmed glasses + Anti-blue light lens
 NO.6-- Black frame + 
Black-rimmed glasses + Polarized lenses


1. Clear and Natural View: The polarized lens is a lens made according to the principle of polarization of light. It is used to remove and filter out the direct light in the beam, so that the light can be put into the visual image of the eye on the track of the track, so that the field of view is clear and natural.
2. Sound directional transmission technology: The unique cavity frequency division technology can accurately project the sound to a specific area. Whether it is listening to music or making a call, only you can hear it, and almost everyone around you can't hear it. At the same time, you can also get the sound of the outside world, so that your safety is more secure.
3. Ultra-light Frame Material: It has a memory polymer material. The more it fits, the more it fits the user's head curve, and the comfortable clamping force can effectively reduce the head pressure. The glasses are equipped with a rigorous internal wiring process and a high-precision in-mold molding process to ensure high quality.
4. Amplifier Bluetooth Chip: Support Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, four times the transmission distance of Bluetooth 4.2, double the transmission speed; support Apt-X HD high quality audio; THD-N super distortion technology; 168 hours long standby.
5. With built-in 60mAh Polymer Battery, it offers up to 4 hours of continuous music and 3 hours of talking time, ensure you long lasting using time. easy control answering / ending calls, playing / pausing, previous / next songs.

Polarizer Application:
1. When driving, it will no longer be troubled by the many reflections from the sun and the vehicles ahead;
2. When fishing, the water waves shine under the sunshine, but you don't feel uncomfortable at all, but feel comfortable and happy;
3. When skiing, you don't have to worry about reflection and ultraviolet rays, you can enjoy glide;
4. When it rains, the traffic signs of the rainwater flow are clearly displayed in front of your eyes;
5. When you are on vacation, let you enjoy the sun, the beach and the leisure time.

Bluetooth version: BT5.0
WIFI: Not supported
NFC: Not supported
Waterproof rating: IP64
Appearance material: frame, mirror arm: polymer TR90PA material: leg: TPU
Lens material: Coated polarized sunglasses, high hardness anti-scratch
Battery type: lithium polymer
Capacity: 90mAh
Charging method: USB
Charging time: about 1H
Life time: Standby for about 7 days, continue to play music about 4H, continue to talk about 5H
Main features: Bluetooth call, Bluetooth music, anti-blue light
Product language: Chinese and English language
Glasses size: about 145*56*18*42mm/5.71*2.2*0.71*1.65in
Weight: about 25g (without lens), 32g (with lens)
Packing box size: about 16*7.5*5.3cm/6.3*2.95*2.09in
Package Weight: Gross Weight: about 235g

Packing List:

1*Sports Glasses