XANES B18 0.96" IPS Color Screen IP67 Waterproof Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

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Item XANES B18 Smart Wristband
Model B18
Material Stainless Steel+Plastic+PC Thermoforming body
Waterproof IP67
Screen 0.96 inch IPS Color Screen
Wrist Strap Length 167.5-232.5mm
Wrist Strap Width 18mm
Sensor Photoelectric Continuous Heart Rate Sensor /
Low Power Acceleration Sensor / TI ECG Sensor
Battery 90mAH Lithium Battery
Charging Time 1-2hours
bluetooth 4.0
System Support Android 4.4 / IOS 8.0 above
Color Black / Blue / Red

1. 3 kinds of chips, ECG and PPG measurement, Blood pressure monitoring, Remote care, Bidirectional search, General function.
2. PPG=Heart rate: PPG heart rate is the heart rate detected by an ordinary photoelectric bracelet, In principle,
    a sensor that contacts the skin with a bracelet emits a green light that hits the skin and measures
    reflected/transmitted light Because the blood absorbs in large quantities to determine the heartbeat.
3. 3 chips:Built-in the small bracelet, the heart monitor has been raised to new heights,
    PPG photoelectric heart rate measurement is used for automatic recording throughout the day, System statistics eliminate errors,
    and get the average level,ECG measurement is used test to comprehensively evaluate the working condition of the heart.3 chips,
    2 systems to ensure the validity and accuracy of health test
4. ECG=Electrocardiogram: ECG in each cardiac cycle, heart pacemaker, atrium, and ventricle become excited,
    with the change of bioelectricity, from body surface by electrocardiograph leads to various kinds of potential changes of graphics.
5. Electrocardiograph detection,green light heart rate,blood pressure measurement,looking for mobile phone,
    look for the smart bracelet,step counter,sleep monitoring,raise wrist bright screen,facebook reminder,
    WhatsApp reminder,message reminder,call reminder,alarm clock,sedentariness alert,remote camera,twitter reminder.

Package Included:
1 × B18 Smart Bracelet

1 × Charging Cable
1 × User Manual